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Out now!: The S-Nemek Sessions

If you dig experimental, ambient electronica you might enjoy this release which is now available on all the main streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.
This CD was originally released on the French label “326 Music” in 2001. In the days before Ableton Live…

Ali Askin
Zappalogies in Paris

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Paris. I am invited by the Philharmonie de Paris and City de la Musique for their Zappalogies Festival - a weekend with the works of Frank Zappa. I will be talking about my work with Frank on the Yellow Shark projects, which will be partially performed by the Ensemble Intercontemporain....

Here is a link to their program: Zappalogies

Ali Askin
„Dogs Of Berlin“

I am currently working on my last cues for the score of the German series „Dogs Of Berlin“ which is coming to Netflix in December - Check it öut!

Ali Askin
"Tehran Taboo" in UK

If you are in the UK you shouldn't miss this movie! "Tehran Taboo" is coming to movie theaters in the UK in early October. Written and directed by Ali Soozandeh, music by Ali N. Askin

Ali Askin
Rehearsing 'Peterchens Mondfahrt' in Munich....

A little impression from today's rehearsal with the fantastic Münchener Kammerorchester, and their dynamite conductor Clemens Schuldt. Featuring the great actor Udo Wachtveitl.
For those of you non-germish friends: 'Peterchens Mondfahrt' (Little Peter's trip to the moon,) is a classic German children's book.

For this new version I rewrote the text and composed music for a large string ensemble.
Premiere is next Sunday in Munich, Bavaria, Germany....

Photo ©Daniel Schröter, 2018

Ali Askin