Ali N. Askin
composer / musician



Stream now! "Salami Aleikum" (Original Soundtrack)

Check this out!: The original motion picture soundtrack for the movie “Salami Aleikum” (2009), directed and co-written by Ali Samadi Ahadi, is now available on all major streaming platforms (spotify, apple music, itunes, tidal, amazon, etc…).

It includes my score and source music, as well as all the songs written exclusively for the movie, and produced and arranged by me.

Featuring performances by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Falk Breitkreuz, Roman Bunka, Michael Weilacher, Stefan Weyrer, Karin Schmeer, Alex Hötzinger - and vocalists: Navid & Omid, Nooshin, Christin and Alex Abedi.

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Ali Askin