Ali N. Askin
composer / musician



Current Project: "VIOLETT" by Wassily Kandinsky

I am currently composing and producing the music for a stage composition (“Bühnenkomposition”) conceived over 100 years ago by the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky. The work is called “VIOLETT” and uses spoken word, theatre, dance, light, film and music in order to create a stage experience which we today probably would call a multi media piece.

Since Kandinsky wrote detailed notes regarding the usage of music (but actually no composition or score) I pretty much stick to those ideas, but also extend the usage of sound and music. That way there will be a small ensemble of instrumentalists (from members of the local State Orchestra), a 30 piece choir, a children’s choir, plus a multi-channel pre-recorded soundtrack…

Directed by famous director, choreographer and dancer Arila Seigert., the shows will take place at Anhaltisches Theater in Dessau, Germany. All this is part of the Bauhaus celebrations which was founded in 1919 in this city.

Ali Askin